Squam Lake Loons & Wildlife in New Hampshire

Loons of Squam Lake

Several location organizations help preserve Squam Lake and protect the local loon population and their habitat. The Squam Lake Association and Squam Lake Conservation Society offer programs for education, preservation, and watershed protection. Squam Lake Association offers activities for children and families alike, including kayak and canoe rentals and a summer camp for children. The Squam Lake Association maintains trails and campsites on Moon and Bowman Islands in the middle of Big Squam Lake. We have been individual members of the Squam Lake Association for years and we strongly encourage you to support these local organizations…their missions are to be sure Squam Lake is preserved for future generations to enjoy. Please support the Squam Lake Association through membership and patronage…it’s such a worthwhile organization.

In nearby Moultonboro, New Hampshire; the Loon Preservation Committee is studying, educating humans and making strides to protect the loons. They offer a number of educational programs and maintain an educational visitors center call The Loon Center. The Loon Preservation Committee’s efforts have been remarkable in helping protect the loon population on Squam Lake and beyond. It’s a short drive but worth the trip. Please support the Loon Preservation Committee with your donation.

Loons of Squam Lake

Courtesy of the Loon Preservation Committe

There’s nothing more magical than the call of the Loons at night on Squam Lake. It’s something many of us remember most of our childhood spending summers on Squam Lake.

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